Honey Bee

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Honey Bee necklace! Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil. This little Bee has great detail, it is super cute and very dainty. Bee measures about half inch across no bigger than your fingertip.

Bee Symbolism — Looking for a good luck charm for love? Look no further than the little humble bee, buzzing about and making honey, he is a potent symbol of love in sweet abundance”. Legend has it that Bee is an ancient symbol representing Kama the Hindu God of Love.

The Bee has mystified scientists for eons as to how this insect can possibly take flight taking into consideration it’s size, physics dictates that it’s just not possible, particularly with such small and fragile wings. As it turns out, the conclusion to this mystery is that the bees wings beat so fast that it creates the energy necessary to lift the Bee and give it flight. Therefore the Bee is a marvelous symbol of the idea that anything is possible!



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