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Add a Turquoise Stone

Add a Turquoise Stone

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The turquoise gem stone has been believed to be a holy stone, and used for getting rid of negative energy. The brightness of the color is said to be the symbol for happiness, and is also believed to increase a person’s self confidence. We wrap the stones in sterling silver or gold plate wire to add to any necklace! They are small (4-7mm range) so they do not overpower our pendants.

Turquoise deposits are found in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Virginia, and Utah. The turquoise mineral is considered one of the highest value minerals in the world by most collectors. American turquoise is valued by its matrix pattern, color, hardness, and by origin. The most valuable turquoise always came from Iran, but the turquoise made in southwest is now known as one of the most valuable in the world.

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